Who Will Roar If I Go?

Do you know what an endangered species is and why some animals become endangered?

Our research-based book tells the story of thirteen animals who need our help before they disappear. The Lion is losing his home; Elephants are losing their tusks; the Zebra is losing his friends; and the Blue Karner Butterflies are losing their favorite flower to flutter around.

We can all help if we just learn how!

With beautiful watercolor illustrations and rhyming verse that tells each animal's story, Who Will Roar If I Go? introduces the basics of endangered species to children and opens up conversations about how we can all help.

Ask the children to observe how the illustrations reflect each species' habitat and how the message on each page reflects the problems the species face.


If you are a librarian or teacher, check out the lesson plan ideas on the Tools page and Faith-based Tools page.

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