a woods full of amazing animals

 the If We're Gone Series

The If We're Gone picture books introduce all kinds of endangered creatures to young minds.  Both commonly known as well as unusual endangered species are spotlighted with amazing illustrations and rhyming research-based text.  Each animal "speaks' to his plight and paints a word picture of his trouble.  

If your children love animals,they'll love these books!  If your child needs to appreciate the value of living creatures, this book may inspire them as they listen to the animal's messages.


National Geographic recently announced that over 80% of endangered species will likely be gone by 2050.  Our books help educate young children to care and preserve the future of wild animals and kingdoms.  Our intention is for children to finish reading and ponder, "How can I help?" these amazing creations.

For teachers, we recommend purchasing eBooks to use on whiteboards where the animals are large and come to life.  The audio book via Audible.com provides authentic animal sounds to accompany the reading for a nominal fee.   


Teaching tools for Who Will Roar If I Go?   and  Will You Miss Us If We Go?    

Parents and children alike will be fascinated with the detail in the watercolor illustrations of each creature in their environment.    Learn their footprints, learn where they live, and learn what is endangering each one.

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